What is Algebra - All Algebraic Formulas and Examples

 What is Algebra - All Algebraic Formulas and Examples

What is Algebra?

Algebra formula -Algebra is a branch of mathematics which in its presentation contains letters to represent unknown numbers. The algebraic form contains algebraic elements, including variables, coefficients, constants, factors, similar tribes, and non-similar terms.

Algebra is one of the branches of mathematics found by Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi. The Algebraic concept is commonly used by mathematicians in the process of finding patterns from a number. For example, in algebra, the letter/symbol y is used to represent the value of a number that you want to find.

Some terms on Algebra

  • Variable: a substitute symbol for a number whose value is unknown
  • Constants: numbers that do not contain variables
  • Coefficient: a constant factor of a variable.

To be clearer, consider the example of the algebraic form below,

x2 + 2y + 3z + 4

The algebraic form above x, y, and z are variables. 4 is a constant because it does not contain variables. While 1, 2, and 3 are coefficients of successive x, y, and z.

A tribe in the form of Algebra

A term is a variable and its coefficients or constants that do not enter the addition or subtraction operation. If two different tribes have variables and ranks of the same variable, then the two terms are called similar, otherwise, they are not similar.


x+ 2y + 3z + 4

The above algebraic form consists of four terms, namely x2, 2y, 3z, and 4.


x+ 2x2 + 3x + 4y + 5

The above algebraic form consists of 5 tribes. Similar tribes are xand 2x2

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